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Qinghai breeds trade current situation investigates: One breeds door classics se
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Stockaded village of area Home Peng presses down Xining city town on the west the key that Chinese village village is sea lake new developed area tears open move division. Nowadays, 120 other peoples of Chinese village village had removed in succession, but villager Mi Fuming still lives in the village in a deserted Xiaolou, accompany with him, still have 7 milk cow in the Niu Juan before the door.

Market of milk of provincial capital bulk is good

In 7 milk cow of Home Mi Fuming, 3 milk cow are worth produce grandma period, everyday in the morning, mi Fuming wants the residential area that sends milk near, less than in the morning at 10 o'clock by scare buying one sky. Mi Fuming says, 3 milk cow of his home should produce 120 jins milk at least everyday, these milk are far from enough the demand of the dweller around.

Mi Fuming says, now the price of every jins of feed is 0.85 yuan, an ox should use up 15 jins of right-and-left feed everyday, come down one year, he has the profit of more than 15000 yuan of money at least. More important is, 3 deer of “ after ” incident, around dweller is right the demand of milk big rise, they made the market that Mi Fuming secures, it is OK that Mi Fuming need not give a door gain money, mi Fuming thinks this wants much stronger than working outside.

What Mi Fuming raises is a kind of milk cow that calls Hei Sitan. Mi Fuming says, the milk cow of this breed produces a grandma to measure still is not highest, the yield that has a kind of milk cow suckles a quantity to want to compare Hei Sitan many times, this lets him envy unceasingly. In the process that breeds milk cow, mi Fuming pays attention to the breed that selects milk cow very, every time hybridization, he wants a veterinary station, the Hei Sitan that gives oneself chooses best “ spouse ” , because took such step, the yield of his home milk cow suckles a quantity all the time very tall.

Why doesn't grandma station receive bright grandma?

I ask Mi Fuming, he everyday ground of work from dawn to night sends a grandma to dwellers so painstaking, why to milk what milk sends milk powder the plant directly station. Mi Fuming is laughing to say, the closest from Han Zhuang milk the station is spread in 20 lis, want to spend 3 two hours back and forth, and over there of milk buy the price, every jins of retail prices that should compare the market is little several wool money, who is willing to do the business that sustain losses in business? Say Xining city comes loose again grandma market is so big, oneself why bother goes looking for that trouble.

Mi Fuming still says, previously the breed aquatics of their village door also be send dweller home milk directly, send a grandma the station from nobody.

Medicinal powder door breed a condition to not allow hopeful

The Niu Juan of Home Mi Fuming is built in him on a not large open space, because the place is narrow, one horn stack of Niu Juan cow dung, because do not have field, the milk cow of Home Mi Fuming never has put in a suitable place to breed almost. A few milk cow all day jam is in the Niu Juan with foul air, appear very grievance. As we have learned, I save major milk cow to breed door breed a condition not very is good.
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