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Exposition of 2009 stock raising of Hua Dong area and the 3rd China
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2009Exposition of stock raising of Hua Dong area and
The 3rd China·Yangzhou waterfowl develops height forum Time: 29 years on April 24 - 26 days of places: Discharge?middot; Yangzhou international exhibition center
One, Introductive In various government and branch support pasturage of next “ Hua Dong energetically meeting ” holds several successfully already in Yangzhou, all previous exhibit can meet in all collect health care of domestic and international numerous animal is tasted, birds of animal drug, feed, stud stock and breed equipment well-known company, well-known trademark is participated in showpiece, like Xinjiang day health, lane of general of luck of Jin Yu group, Baoding, Wei inferior health, Mu Guan enterprise, Meiliya, Dalian 3 appearance, south Nan of state of day of Nonggaoke, Nanjing, Nanjing dark, Jiangsu Europe, the stock raising that already became Hua Dong area to have dimensions and force most now is exhibited meeting, it is the optimal platform that undertakes technical communication, commerce negotiates inside the industry, it is each production business, agency and breed an enterprise, breed a grand meeting that nots allow to miss. Current the brand sex that exhibits the extensive sex that can aim to make the authority that has “ government to sponsor, ginseng exhibit travelling merchant, national ” that extends meeting influence is exhibited meeting, will continue to save aricultural hall, Jiangsu to save bureau of vet of pasturage of city of bureau of agriculture of city of pasturage vet bureau, Yangzhou, Yangzhou by government of Yangzhou city people, Jiangsu syndicate, got Jiangsu province and industry of poultry of circumjacent province city are in charge of a branch further support energetically. Will hold to previous term or session 9 years to extend the good way of the meeting, increase organization and propagandist strength, offer a product to commercialize for poultry industry, industrialization and begin collaboration of international economy technology reveal and trade platform, the stock raising brand that makes China have dimensions and force most with all one's strength is exhibited meeting. Machine of hold a conference or consultation of Hua Dong pasturage is infinite, market potential is tremendous, invite sincerely you to join in current exposition, start the market in all, postpone grand plan in all. Firework · is delicate in March YangzhouAwait respectively your presence! ! 2, Origanization constructionSponsor an unit: Bureau of vet of pasturage of province of Jiangsu of hall of aricultural of province of Jiangsu of government of Yangzhou city people undertakes unit: Jiangsu of bureau of vet of pasturage of city of Yangzhou of bureau of Yangzhou city agriculture saves rasorial and scientific institute assist run an unit: Hua Dongliu saves Hua Dongliu of association of industry of one city feed to save veterinary medicine of one city pasturage bureau of pasturage of meeting Henan province (information center) aricultural of city of Jiangsu province each district (course of study) bureau
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