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The country puts forward to build system of insurance of sex of the policy that
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The State Council released a few days ago " milkings quality safety monitors regulation " (the following abbreviation " byelaw " ) in retreat enterprise of city, dairy produce to superintend besides the dairy produce that cares generally to everybody wait for a problem to make specific provision besides, still put forward to want “ country to build system of insurance of sex of the policy that suckle cultivate, give insurance cost accessorial ” to joining culturist of the cultivate that protect a grandma.

After incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card happens, much ground ever appeared grandma farming pours the grandma, case that fights an ox. Although as milkings market answer gradually lukewarm, raw milk demand increases increasingly, but the confidence of grandma farming is inflicted heavy losses on, inside short time restore very hard.

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Although a lot of people suckle ” of insurance of cultivate policy sex to not be familiar with to “ , but actually, insurance was in the policy sex agriculture that includes to suckle cultivate policy sex to be sure inside early to had had 1982. It is reported, insurance of policy sex agriculture is a kind of system that the government admits to sustain agriculture and makes changes arrangement, the purpose is the causes because of natural disaster or contingency place pecuniary loss in be engaged in cultivating course of study and aquaculture process for insurant offer economy compensation.

The reporter keeps watch from China department of meeting money risk understands, in last few years since, agriculture of sex of our country policy is safe year all increase rate exceeds 120% . 2007, income of agricultural insurance insurance cost achieves 5.184 billion yuan, grow 514.95% compared to the same period, among them, income of aquaculture insurance insurance cost 1.969 billion yuan, grow 2017.2 % compared to the same period.

“ insurance of policy sex agriculture can appear to grow considerably last year, insurance of can numerous sow is main impetus volume. ” the State Council develops Gao Wei of deputy researcher of institute of research center finance to tell a reporter, since last year, to stabilize pork value, the State Council allotted " the opinion that stabilizes the market to supply about promoting live pig to produce progress " , included to popularize can numerous sow to be sure energetically among them. Up to on March 28, 2008, the whole nation in all accept insurance can be numerous sow thirty-seven million one hundred and seventy-one thousand, offer a risk to ensure 37.47 billion yuan, can numerous sow is sure to enclothe breakthrough 80% . “ can see from now on, policy sex agriculture is sure to want to popularize, governmental support and driving is very important. ”

The support of the “ government that Gao Wei says and drive ” to still include real fund to support, namely " byelaw " the “ that put forward gives insurance cost accessorial ” to joining the person that protect grandma raise breed. According to Introduction Gao Wei, as a result of agricultural insurance risk tall, compensate is led tall, because the discretion of this insurance cost became the crucial place that restricts insurance of policy sex agriculture,———“ insurance cost is decided tall, the farmer is drawn out do not rise; Insurance cost is decided low, insurance company compensate does not remove ” . With can numerous sow insurance is exemple, “ by governmental burden 80 % , breed door () the insurance cost of 20 % ” gives the burden Fu Mo form is his the main reason of rapid development.
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