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The next few years laying hens in China Market Analysis
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This year's winter seems to come earlier than usual, but for families raising hens for eggs as the spring-like warmth price is climbing, although the increase in feed prices, but rising price of eggs will make up our minds injustice, personal feeling that Good prices will always continue coming years or even longer. 1, the stock market downturn a few years ago out of a large number of households raising 2, the costs to households to keep playing into the chicken backed away 3, some bad eggs out of species of plant breeders, or the transfer market so that seedlings reduced business 4 eggs continuously throughout the epidemic increase in demand has become the best nutrition 5, intensive farming zone chicken diseases more complex layers of chicken on hand less difficult to raise 6, hemangioma in some minds there is the shadow of households dependent on the chicken postponed Opportunities and risks Now is the opportunity outweighs the risk