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Chinese Academy of Engineering to Xixiangtang aquaculture research areas
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Nov. 8, invited to participate in the seventh Tilapia Industry Development Forum and the China Academy of Engineering National shrimp, tilapia, chief expert and his party arrived at 8 Tong District Xixiang street office Shibu Xixiangtang District tilapia farming leading enterprises - full of Aquatic Animal Nanning limited liability company to conduct research. Wing On Company Shibu breeding base and breeding base with a total area of 580 acres, the main breeding perch, yellow mulberry fish, sesame swords, flowers and all kinds of fish and other aquatic products with high quality, turtle, turtle. During a visit to a turtle farm in the company's sesame sword, perch, Channa argus, and other valuable aquatic breeds, Su Xing, general manager of the company at least briefly the basic situation and how to safeguard the quality and safety of aquatic products, the main experience of sustainable development Group of Experts on how to change the fishing line approach to development, improve the competitiveness of valuable fishing advice. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Fisheries Qiang Autonomous Region, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Mayor of Nanning Municipal Government Wenshou Rong, head of city government Liaowei Fu, accompanied by research.