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Years pig farming "low carbon" technology
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Years the county to promote zero-emission technologies such as carbon pig, pig production and environmental protection effectively solve the "dilemma" problem, to achieve economic development and ecological protection correct. Years the county is the county of Jiangxi pig breeding, pig farms for years over the slaughter of 26 million head, the slaughter of more than 80 million head of pigs. In recent years, the county to strengthen pollution control as a pig farming to promote the construction of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone Effective measures to put in a prominent position. Biogas technology and vigorously promote the use of the county in carrying out large-scale pig farm biogas projects promotion lectures and signed the construction contract. Meanwhile, the county the opportunity of the new rural construction, product Great guide, helping build digesters. In the fight for "Yijiangdaibu" on the basis of project funds, the county has invested 100 million fiscal year for grants digester equipment, construction materials costs and mechanic wages. Currently, the county has There are 5 of the pig farm pollution-free agricultural products by the State certificate, 13 million head of swine by the provincial "pollution-free agricultural products base," the title, 22 large-scale pig farming enterprises have established digesters. Hill farming Wannian County Companies to invest more than 500 million, in 2007 launched a comprehensive use of swine waste to methane-based large-scale biogas power generation, the generating capacity of 30 million degrees, which produces 3 million tons per year of biogas slurry can be used for fruit, vegetables , tea and farmland Watering. Qi Shun in Jiangxi Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. invested 300 million, vigorously implement the biogas project, reducing the production of life energy, the annual savings of more than 30 million households and nearly free of charge for the concentration of the surrounding gas. Water change water. Lucky pig is a pig industry hundred enterprises in China, won the national green pollution-free pig breeding base certificate. The base of the slaughter of pigs high-quality products more than 80,000 pigs a day, resulting Droppings are an average of more than 150 tons. To reduce pollution, farm investment of nearly 600 yuan to build a pig farm wastewater treatment system, the implementation of rain and sewage diversion, wet and dry separately, sewage treatment, pig manure through the sound processing is also Field use, the development of grain, nursery stock, planting fruit and vegetables, achieved better balance between the cost of planting and breeding. Qi Bu Xiang Tong Pui Tsuen villagers use more than 80 sound processing by pig manure after planting pollution-free Vegetables, paulownia, tea, praecox, the average annual income of 1,000 yuan. Fecal dry change green manure. HM by bacteria fermentation of pig manure with the base, then add the rice husk and other materials, mixing evenly, stacked to the fermentation of the pool, three days after the odor completely removed. Fermented pig manure through this, not only to Smell, and can reach to kill bacteria, weed seeds, eggs aim is on a good organic fertilizer. After further processing, it can be processed into seedlings, fruits, vegetables and a special organic fertilizer. Fermentation tank construction, low cost, Fermentation easy to learn. Less than 20 cubic meters a fermentation tank can handle 3,000 pigs a day of manure. Pig manure into organic fertilizer, not only solve the environmental pollution caused by pig development, but also to increase by the enterprise itself Economic benefits, the realization of the sustainable development of swine industry to promote the construction of ecological agriculture is very helpful. Up to now, the county has more than 23 million head of swine a total investment of 70 million yuan to establish a pool of pig manure, the county is basically achieved Pig manure "zero emissions."