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Shaanxi "Sunshine Project" Training of farmers Yangling business culture at l
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December 2, Shaanxi Province, "Sunshine Project" Training of farmers start farming large opening ceremony was held at the Vocational and Technical Education. Provincial Director of the Centre business, education, vice president of civilization, party secretary of Vocational and Technical Education Caoyu Gang, provincial "Sunshine Project" Office of the person in charge of agriculture Liu Yajun, Deputy Director of the Office of Science and Education, attended the opening ceremony. Livestock from the province's 100 counties to attend the ceremony and will be farmed large Yangling undergo a 20-day entrepreneurship training. Opening ceremony, Caoyu Gang pointed out that with recent economic and social development and the rapid development of new socialist countryside, animal husbandry, especially livestock farming area in front of thousands of families from the traditional backyard of a small amount of scattered large park to a modern culture the scale of the transformation of enterprise culture is emerging in our province to carry out large peasant farming entrepreneurship training is significant. Vocational and Technical Education Demonstration based on 20 years of scientific research, technology promotion and Rural practical technical training experience, 70 years of traditional and modern animal husbandry education theory and practice, combined with the Yangling Demonstration Zone of modern agricultural enterprises leading business and management innovation can be To provide first-class education and teaching courses resources and support. It is understood that the training is based on provincial agricultural department, the provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Office of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Housing and Urban Construction Department and other six departments "on the transfer of rural labor to do the training in 2010 Sunshine Project work, "organized by the spirit. Target audience for the person in charge of rural cooperatives, as well as business management and desire to have some basis for farmers. Vocational and Technical Education is the first demonstration of the one of vocational colleges. University College of radiation to give full play to lead the demonstration and the role of local economic development services, and actively participate in our province, "Sunshine Project" was identified as the "Sunshine Project" peasant entrepreneurship training base. This year, the College will hold three to small business management and cultivation, aquaculture is the theme of rural labor transfer training courses for a total of 300 participants. Currently, the first phase of small business management training course was successfully concluded on November 30.