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Hohhot care County: special poultry farming has become a new bright spot Fumin
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County child care business is the same town, village, located in the southeast Tuoketuo County Man Han mountain edge. In order to promote local farmers to get rich this year, the county asked the county government in accordance with the requirements of the concept of scientific development, to carry out A Good event as an opportunity to put forward based on good local ecological environment, change ideas, change of natural resources for economic resources, changing environmental advantages into economic advantages, to develop special poultry farming, increasing peasant income, completely changed the face of poverty in the eastern mountains. Is the land of the village with hilly woodland, grassland with high coverage, fresh air, the unique natural conditions, ideal for Barred Plymouth Rock chickens, pheasants, geese and other animals, particularly poultry breeding. Asked the county the county government on the basis of thorough investigation, the green features to develop aquaculture identified as the "One Village One Product" feature Villages economy, accelerate the building of new countryside in eastern mountains as an important step forward strongly. After intense preparation for construction, care and benefit farmers in Inner Mongolia County introduced a green farming company, leased 430 acres of land is the same village, the investment 30 million yuan, a total of 14 built 8,000 square meters of sheds, purchase of the 10 incubators and 30 (sets) brooding facilities, but also the construction of 80 acres of pasture irrigation, aquaculture pheasant 80,000, 60,000 chickens, peacocks 3000 and any number of white swans, red-crowned cranes, black swans, geese, goose, duck, pearl chicken, mallard, the top of the chicken bones for more than 20 species rare species, built a modern farm. Hatching chicks in the business 100 - 150 million, and the "company + Technology + farmers + credit" in the culture model and the surrounding farmers win, the company free of charge to farmers with Qinmiao, quarantine disinfection, husbandry techniques, the chicken slaughter , duck, eggs, aloe eggs, the company acquired the contract price of unity, not only to promote the rational land transfer, and improve farmers access to market-oriented. Yang Jianfeng special poultry farmers the author said: "Green farming companies benefit farmers free of charge provided us with day-old chicks, free of charge for our government to do the whole culture of technology, disease prevention and control work, and I farmed the 2000 stupid chickens now come up to 2 kg so, according to market calculation of the lowest 18 yuan per kilogram, which may be income in 2000 nearly 7 million chickens, which has more money than working out. "Currently, 500 local villagers, the chicken industry, huh every household, the villagers use good local ecological environment, free-range chicken in the lush woods, hillside grass, weeds and pests to eat the chicken, both to protect the vegetation, but also reduce the breeding cost, truly a win-win environmental and economic benefits. This year, the slaughter of 11,000 chickens and ducks, the company to protect the price of recycled products, aquaculture farmers, average household earnings from the company 8000 - 10000 yuan, products are mainly exported to South Korea, Japan and other places along the coast. Breeding characteristics of effective local farmers really become the main channel increase, the new bright spot. According to reports, in order to operate a breeding an individual to minimize the risk, to effectively protect the enthusiasm of farmers, county and town levels of government is also actively looking for markets for farmers, build sales platform, the leading brand strategy and processing enterprises packaging into the chickens on the output scale sales. At the same time, the county Animal Husbandry Bureau has deployed crack team composed of disease prevention and control services for the farmers to do the whole farming techniques, disease prevention and control work to ensure that the aquaculture industry, high quality, efficient development. Meanwhile, to the large-scale breeding bigger and stronger, extend the industrial chain, so that sustainable development, the county party committee and government support, the benefits of agricultural comprehensive development of green farming company the size of modern processing, the total investment of 73.12 million yuan, to be build two slaughter lines, packaging lines, cooked production lines, modern cold storage, the processing size of 1.2 million pheasants and chickens to promote large-scale breeding-scale processing, the farmers income. In addition, in order to allow farmers the development of large-scale chicken industry, other poultry farming is being developed in Southern District, training and demonstration center building of 1,200 square meters, the China Agricultural University, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University experts and professors of the art training equipment and facilities by local farmers on planting , aquaculture, professional and technical training, annual training 1000--2000 people.