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Tianjin the Chinese system of weights and measures decides piscatorial administr
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Fulfil to be carried out in the round " administration allows a law " , " administration sanctions a method " , strengthen administration of Tianjin city fishery to execute the law further team construction, normative administration executes the law behavior, raise administration to execute the law level, bureau of Tianjin city aquatic product made piscatorial administration execute the law responsibility book. Specific content is as follows:

One, execute the law orgnaization: Fishery of county of branch of director of Tianjin city fishery, each area is in charge of city of branch, Tianjin fishing politics fishing port supervises management to be in.

2, execute the law basis, limits and powers and authorities of office:

(one) according to: " law of fishery of People's Republic of China " , " protection of aquatic wild animal carries out People's Republic of China byelaw " , " piscatorial administration punishs a regulation " , " regulation of Tianjin city fishery " , " rules of Tianjin city wild animal protection " wait for law, code, regulations.

(2) limits: Area of Tianjin city administration.

(3) powers and authorities of office: Fulfil piscatorial administration obligation, executive fishery administration is permitted, piscatorial administration is begun to execute the law inside formulary limits examination. To violating the act of afore-mentioned law, code, regulations, make administrative punishment lawfully.

3, execute the law responsibility

(one) carry out a Ministry of Agriculture strictly to make " piscatorial administration executes the law 6 bans " , " program of agricultural administration punishment sets " , " piscatorial administration punishs a regulation " make with municipal government " administration executes the law personnel rules " wait for a system.

(2) execute Tianjin city administration to execute the law " 3 paces style " system, (be opposite namely violate commonly compasses person teach a standard first, again deadline is rectified and reform, punish lawfully finally execute the law means) , the standard executes the law examination behavior.

(3) abide by this systematic administration to execute the law staff job standard, layer upon layer fulfil execute the law responsibility, do not happen transcend the illegal action such as fraud of illicit of powers and authorities of office, misuse of authority and malpractice, abide.

(4) carry out strictly " administration sanctions a method " and " piscatorial administration punishs a regulation " , accomplish administration to execute the law lawful, fact understands principal part, program laws and regulations of law of lawful, basis applicable, character is applicable and normative, reconsider without administration, administrative lawsuit loses a lawsuit case.

4, responsibility assessment

Carry out fishery actively to execute the law system of job responsibility, cogent and perfect fishery executes the law censorship, to executing the law the examination executes plan management, make clear duty and target, refine execute the law standard and workload. Execute the law according to every personnel finishs at least 10 every year to execute the law the requirement of the case works to executing the law undertake assessing. Whole 2008 town should finish 5000 above to examine a case, the characteristic of combinative oneself assumes each area county to execute the law accordingly inspection job, complete relevant examination case measure.
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