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Silkworm of the Anhui province is planted regulation
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(on December 15, 1999 the Anhui province second conference passes thirteenth of standing committee of the 9th people's congress basis on June 26, 2004 the Anhui province standing committee of the 10th people's congress the 10th conference " about revising < silkworm of the Anhui province is planted regulation > decision " first time amends a basis on June 29, 2006 the Anhui province standing committee of the 10th people's congress the 24th conference " about revising
General principles of the first chapter
The first is planted for normative silkworm production manages action, safeguard silkworm is planted quality, protect and reasonable use silkworm heredity resource, safeguard silkworm to plant seed selection person, manufacturing operator and the legitimate rights and interests of the person that use, profession of stimulative silkworm mulberry persists healthy progress, basis " law of pasturage of People's Republic of China " with concerned law, administrative regulations, union is saved originally actual, enact this ordinance.
This the 2nd byelaw applies to this province silkworm heredity is engaged in inside canton region seed selection of resource protection, new breed and promotion, silkworm is planted production is managed and the activity such as management.
Branch of director of administration of agriculture of government of people of above of class of the 3rd county is in charge of the silkworm inside area of politics of one's own profession planting government works, specific work can entrust silkworm to plant the administration is carried out.
The concerned branch such as finance, prices, industrial and commercial, qualitative inspect, business affairs according to respective duty, cooperate each other, had done concerned silkworm to plant lawfully government works.
Government of the 4th various people ought to enact favourable policy and measure, encourage use advanced science and technology, according to market demand, the seed selection that accelerates new silkworm breed, production, promotion and use, the unit of remarkable success and individual are made in working to be being planted in silkworm, give commend and reward.
The 5th silkworm is planted the guild that generator, operator establishs lawfully, ought to offer information, technology, sale for the member, groom wait for a service.
Resource protects heredity of silkworm of the 2nd chapter
The 6th protects silkworm heredity resource lawfully.
Encourage and support begins silkworm heredity resource to protect the job lawfully about unit, individual.
Administration of agriculture of government office of the 7th civil administration that save a person is in charge of a branch to according to countrywide silkworm heredity resource is protected and ought to use a program to reach state of resource of heredity of the silkworm inside area of politics of one's own profession, the collection that organizes concerned unit to have silkworm heredity resource, arrange, appraisal, save and use wait for the job, be in charge of make and announcing resource of this the heredity that save silkworm to protect directory, sign up for administration of agriculture of the State Council to be in charge of a branch to put on record.
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