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Superintend and director of Ministry of Agriculture guides group drive each dist
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On October 11, the Ministry of Agriculture is given out " the urgent announcement that rectifies working superintend and director to guide about continueing to begin grandma station to clear " , the decision continues to expedite the 8 combination superintend and director that leads conduction band group by the ministry to guide group, leave for different destinations 16 milk cow advocate produce province and feed to be saved greatly, supervise and urge each district development advances a grandma the station is rectified and feed punish acts, begin in the round carry out fulfil " milkings quality safety monitors regulation " . The announcement made clear the key that superintend and director guides and main content one round this.

It is to supervise and urge each district makes conduct propaganda carry out fulfil " milkings quality safety monitors regulation " (the following abbreviation " byelaw " ) the circumstance such as working program, executive plan and main measure.

2 it is to understand a setting to give birth to rare breed to buy a station to clear rectify transfer period reach transfer period inside develop relevant job case. Include a basis " byelaw " stipulate comprehensive standard gives birth to what rare breed buys a station to create main body, directive each district buys a station to consider to decide transitional is appropriate in the light of unqualified breast giving birth to delicacy deadline, in transfer period inside breast giving birth to delicacy buys a station to clear the specific requirement that rectifies the job, the working plan that make, to prevent to appear again grandma farming pours the circumstance such as the policy measure that suckle and enacts.

3 it is to supervise and urge each district is made and fulfil give aid to policy. Include " Ministry of Agriculture of Ministry of finance about cogent it is particularly difficult to make region of good focal point grandma farming temporarily the announcement that deliverance works " (money farming [2008]276 date) fulfil a circumstance; The place buys what orderly development publishs station standard to give aid to to give aid to unripe delicacy breeds policy measure circumstance.

4 it is to continue to begin special repair work. Supervise and urge each district wants according to " byelaw " requirement, examine breast giving birth to delicacy to buy station aptitude circumstance and raw bright milk to buy a station to clear rectify a situation. Breast giving birth to delicacy buys a station the case that each system builds, breast giving birth to delicacy buys what the station manages daily to superintend a circumstance. 2 want aggrandizement to give birth to delicacy to suckle quality safety to superintend. Include to give birth to delicacy to suckle quality safety to supervise selective examination, quality supervisor is accredited, production sells what unqualified unripe delicacy suckles to investigate etc. 3 should strengthen albumen feedstuff punish. Include to produce the inspection of enterprise albumen raw material to feed, to violating compasses production, manage " albumen essence " of the enterprise investigate, wait to the sampling observation of feedstuff of albumen of business of milk cow feed. 4 should strengthen feed to manufacture enterprise repair. Include to produce an enterprise to produce safety of quality of license, company to wait for the examination that runs a system to feed and feed additive, right " 3 without " of the enterprise investigate, the sampling observation that produces company product to milk cow feed. 5 should begin milk cow farm door match feed punish oneself. Include to match the examination of safety of quality of feed, feedstuff oneself to the farm, to the processing of the illegal act that discovers in the examination, change a farm to wait from the sampling observation that matchs feed to dimensions.
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