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Milkings quality safety monitors regulation
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The State Council of People's Republic of China makes
The 536th
" milkings quality safety monitors regulation " already the 28th times standing conference passed the State Council on October 6, 2008, grant to announce now, apply since the day that announce.
Premier Wen Jiabao
Two years of October 9 days
General principles of the first chapter
The first controls government to enhance milkings quality security, make sure milkings quality is safe, safeguard community is healthy with life safety, health of stimulative milk industry develops, enact this ordinance.
This the 2nd byelaw place weighs milkings, it is to point to breast giving birth to delicacy and dairy produce.
Supervisory administration of milkings quality safety is applicable this byelaw; Law supervises management to have a regulation additionally to milkings quality safety, set from its.
The person that the 3rd person that suckle raise breed, person that breast giving birth to delicacy is bought, dairy produce produces enterprise and sale is produced to its, buy, carry, the milkings quality safety of the sale is responsible, it is the person that lacteal character estimates safe the first liability.
Government of people of place of above of class of the 4th county is right safe supervisory management is in charge of the milkings quality inside area of politics of one's own profession total.
Branch of director of veterinarian of pasturage of government of people of prefectural class above is in charge of suckling cultivate to raise and the segment of production of milk giving birth to delicacy, supervisory management that buys segment. Quality of prefectural class above is supervised examine the supervisory management that quarantine branch is in charge of dairy produce producing link and segment of milkings imports and exports. Department of industrial and commercial administration is in charge of prefectural class above the supervisory management of link of dairy produce sale. Medicines and chemical reagents of food of prefectural class above supervises a branch to be in charge of dairy produce meal serving the supervisory government of link. What sanitation of government of people of prefectural class above is in charge of powers and authorities of office of sectional according to to be in charge of milkings quality safety controlling government is integrated harmonious, organization investigates food safety grave accident. Government of people of prefectural class above is other the other job that is in charge of milkings quality safety controlling government inside respective duty limits about the branch.
The 5th produces lacteal character to measure safe accident, ought to the report when according to concerns the regulation of law, administrative regulations to reach, processing; Cause serious consequence to perhaps be affected badly, the controller that leads responsibility to concerning people government, concerned branch to have investigates duty lawfully.
The 6th breast giving birth to delicacy and dairy produce ought to accord with milkings quality safety national level. Lacteal character measures safe state level to be in charge of sectional organization to make by sanitation of the State Council, the result that evaluates according to danger of the risk zephyr that monitor is organized in time edit.
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