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General office of the State Council " the announcement that works about strength
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Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:
Fishery is the essential industry in economy of our country countryman, it is the advantage industry of rural economics, also be high risk industry at the same time. Strengthen job of piscatorial safe production, it is safety of property of life of people of healthy to promoting fishery progress, safeguard, important to accelerate construction of socialistic new rural area to have meaning. The course tries hard for years, job of safe production of our country fishery obtains greater progress, but as a result of fishery work place disperses, individual production management unit is numerous, get environment factor the impact is big, infrastructure and technical equipment are relatively backward wait, situation of piscatorial safe production still austere. Suffer the production on water Shanghai to carry an activity especially increasingly active and the element influence such as much hair of extreme weather incident, accident of safety of of all kinds fishery happens from time to tome. Safe production of good to be done further fishery works, classics the State Council agrees, inform as follows with respect to concerned item now:
One, overall demand and working target
(one) overall demand. Carry out deep implement scientific progress concept, hold to " safety first, precaution is given priority to, integrated processing " guiding principle, fulfil piscatorial system of safety production in the round, strengthen further safety manages and supervise, increase devoted strength, perfect infrastructure, improve technical equipment, perfect law laws and regulations, rise to avoid from quality of safety of personnel of course of study and take precautions against natural calamities ceaselessly danger ability, hard compose builds piscatorial safe production to grow effect mechanism, accident of safety of fishery of effective keep within limits, property of life of cogent safeguard people is safe, safety of stimulative fishery economy develops.
(2) working target. Arrive " 915 " end, extend builds a batch of safety to take shelter from the wind, the fishing port with perfect form a complete set, make countrywide coasting average 200 kilometers less than has fishing port of above of an one class, can provide a service for the marine fisher of 45% ; Haven security supervisory equipment is provided in key fishing port, safety of supervisory system of trends of management of shipping of construction ocean fishery, fisher detects examine base and piscatorial sailor groom base; Make accident of shipping of heavy especially big fishery gains clear control, accident death number is compared " 15 " end drops apparently. To 2015, form relatively perfect fishery safe production to support safeguard system, piscatorial safety is superintended and take precautions against natural calamities decreases calamity ability to increase significantly, from quality of personnel of course of study certain level rises, situation of piscatorial safe production takes a favourable turn apparently.
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