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Shandong publishs first normative fishery of countrywide to breed administrative
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Shandong province government holds conduct propaganda to carry out on September 23 afternoon " Shandong saves piscatorial breed aquatics and hyperplasia government measure " informal discussion. Vice-governor Gu Mozhi points out, want to take piscatorial breed aquatics and proliferous development and management seriously, accomplish the law is depended on surely, execute the law to father surely, break the law surely investigate. It is reported, this is first comprehensive standard of countrywide piscatorial breed aquatics and the local government regulations that proliferous managing.

Gu Mozhi emphasizes, " method " promulgate carry out, for me the province strengthened piscatorial breed aquatics and hyperplasia management to provide solid legal safeguard. Various government should assume the role that has person of the first responsibility truly, build system of safety responsibility of quality of aquatic product of perfect local government to spend as soon as possible, perfect a system, make clear responsibility, strengthen supervise, ensure safety of aquatic product quality is at ease. Begin aquatic product character to measure safe and special punish deep, concentration is begun those who breed proliferous key breed and area is special execute the law examination, aggrandizement produces link to be superintended daily to breeding hyperplasia product, father to close admittance of aquatic product market, investigate fishery to violate a case seriously, sale of severe blow production is fake the behavior of aquatic product.

" Shandong saves piscatorial breed aquatics and hyperplasia government measure " already 206 order publish Shandong province government, will carry out on October 10, 2008.

(Shan Yao)