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The popular characteristic of disease of birds ball bug reachs prevention and cu
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The sort of individual plant of ball bug bug, amount and individual plant of parasitism place bug are different, its send ill force to also differ, infection amount did not reach certain level, its are individual do not show ball bug symptom. the bug individual plant that poisonous force waits for in be opposite, when infection amount is overmuch, what arise new egg bursa number to decrease accordingly however, call " crowded effect " , different bug individual plant has his specific parasitism place, if parasitism place produces a change,its send ill force to be able to drop and even disappear.
Concern with other cause of disease
Organize the change of injury and alvine line function to be able to cause all sorts of harmful bacterias inbreak and breed, there is interaction between the coliform organisms inside gallinaceous body and ball bug. Chicken group after the infection that if be established by the horse,overcomes family name ill virus, ill to ball bug immunity force is caused ball bug disease easily by interference; Bursa of contagious law family name is ill but aggravate ball bug is ill, and ball bug disease can add drama infectivity greatly the harm action of disease of bursa of law family name; Ball bug disease and breathe out when alvine Gu virus exists at the same time, the scale of disease of joint of gallinaceous happening instep breathes out than happening alone rise greatly when alvine Gu virus; When ball bug disease and yellow aspergillus toxin exist at the same time, mortality can be as high as 60% . Consider to make clear, ball bug and bacterium of other bowel path have synergism, alvine path bacterium reachs the action that enhances ball bug to send ill force since the meeting; After ball bug is affected, can make airframe right the easy sensibility of disease of bursa of family name of Malike disease, infectivity law increases.
Current and popular characteristic
Incidence of a disease is high, come on day age is wide
In last few years the incidence of a disease of ball bug disease is higher and higher also, low day age the phenomenon that the fryer comes on is commonner and commonner also, the earliest it is thus clear that 8 day age chicken come on, and bug of ball of laying hen small intestine is in a few areas very popular also.