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5 action teach you to discern quickly new egg
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The egg deteriorates very easily, how the choose and buy is fresh the egg appears very important. Chen Jilan's researcher introduced lab of fowl of institute of vet of pasturage of Beijing of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences to choose an egg 3 footwork:


Bright chorion is coarser, and the powder with shape of a frost, colour and lustre is bright and clean; The chorion of old egg is smoother, the crust of smelly egg sends black, there is oily floodwater on low-lying land on housing.

2 listen:

Place firm egg to shake gently in side side with finger, good egg news is real; The egg that stick housing and smelly egg have reputation of made of baked clay Cha; Nominal egg has empty reputation; Crackle egg has " bang bang " sound.

3 according to:

Both hands grasps an egg to be like canister form, to sunlight or lamplight fluoroscopy, good egg shows small red, translucent, yoke clear-cut.

4 turn:

Lay the egg plane to go up, turn gently with finger, when new egg is rotational, there is resistance in chorion, turn 3 weeks two stop; Rascal turns longly and fast; If the egg turns discomfort is not slow, prove not quite fresh already.

5 float:

Put the egg in 15% salt water of the left and right sides, heavy those who enter benthic is bright egg; On big head day, small head over heels, sink partly of half float is old egg; Smelly egg criterion float at surface.