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Investment of the county in Huang builds base of stock raising breed aquatics 98
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In recent years, the county in Huang increases the construction strength that breeds base to stock raising, invest 98.8 million yuan in all, construction stock raising breeds base 27.

Among them: Invest 32.26 million yuan, construction milk cow breeds base 7, build an ox to change bit of 4 part, milk hall 4, introduce milk cow of Si Tan of high yield carry on one's shoulder 1750, manufacturing milk 5.9 million kilograms, realize income 11.8 million yuan; Invest 31.7 million yuan, base of breed of construction beef cattle 9, introduce cow of Ximen Daer breed 1860. Fatten gives column beef cattle 6812, manufacturing beef 850 thousand kilograms, realize income 21.25 million yuan; Invest 33.4 million yuan, build live pig breed aquatics and base of young pig breed 9, introduce a sow 1085, boar 50, breed is thoroughbred young pig eighteen thousand five hundred, live pig giving column 5682, manufacturing pork 426 thousand kilograms, realize income many yuan 1400; Invest 1.44 million yuan, build base of egg, fryer breed aquatics 2, built standardization introduces thoroughbred egg chicken inside henhouse 5000, press down crawl of village of Home Li station in Tian Jiazhai flood land forest land 60 mus, build standardization henhouse 800 square metre, introduce thoroughbred fryer 4000 undertake putting in a suitable place to breed, the modernization that is entire county raised chicken to establish demonstrative model. (Author: Shao Xiufang)