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Acute judges now: Sunken flesh shuts adept to take annulus ü Sao
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The village raises chicken to run rampant, after all who will be in charge of? A few days ago, the appearance that to the our city a few dwellers raise chicken inside community undertook media report. Read a story, again couplet remembers nowadays often is paid close attention to by people " the dog suffers from " , can't help fetching and thoughtful.
The dog can chase guard the entrance, chicken can be hit cry unripe egg, came 100000, these two kinds of animals can weigh human cater-cousin absolutely, everybody won't think of they are met " stage an armed rebellion to suffer from " . But the fact is such. Just when people is " the dog suffers from " place faze, 100 think of and do not get good plan when, chicken ground of in threes and fours comes out everywhere wallop, do lawn chicken excrement is full of stains or spotsly, do so that chaos of road chicken feather waves, the resident of whole village is not gotten quiet, appeal in succession at media.

How does media do? Be forced this branch runs, that branch goes to meet with, the hope can find a solution that solves a problem. But mournful is, armour department says is not duty place, exceed attributive range, intentional and power is insufficient; A multitude of things of work of second branch character, law is not quite perfect, oneself also are willing to help but unable to do so. In the final analysis, method has only, the host that advises in earnest to advise gallinaceous dog namely -- you should discuss social ethics, want to run the dog of good oneself, value the chicken of oneself, do not let them come out again " stage an armed rebellion " !

But is this canal used? Toward government appeal, chao Chaoyi's old reality tells us -- trashy! Be opposite at least the host of dog of a few chicken is trashy. Look in them, want nobody canal only, others can raise a dog, I can raise chicken. Come so, midnight dog cries as before, excrement of full ground chicken as before, can suffer from those wanting quiet rest, the Zun Lin that Shu Xin takes a walk is right abandon.

"The dog suffers from " did not divide, "Chicken suffers from " come again, was in charge of with respect to nobody really? Either also ought not to be. Review these year of relevant provision that come on stage, no matter be to raise a dog to still raise chicken, have the regulation of rigid, for instance community cannot raise large dog, prohibit for instance again the urban district raises gallinaceous duck. Can why is the dog illuminated cry, is chicken illuminated run?

The author thinks, germ is individual branch in specific managing shuffle disputes over trifles, relevant provision is in specific in carrying out fatigued and weak and faint.

From " the dog suffers from " to " chicken suffers from " , people is having too much complaint, having more expect too much. Hope one day, everybody talks dog color to change no longer, talk about chicken to be born irritated, I think, that meeting is the progress of a city.

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