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Heart piling dragon celebrates prefectural prize " board piece economy "
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This year, lhasa city piles Long Deqing county to be in progress of prefectural region economy, with garden area construction is grasper, with Lhasa development of Dong Yanxi enlarge is lever, build zoology agriculture to produce area, industrial garden area, freight to get together medicinal powder area and travel sightseeing spend false area " 4 old economy board piece " .
Zoology agriculture area basically includes east, fine jade therefore, Gu Rong, De Qingyi is taken, agriculture has good development base. Heart piling dragon celebrates prefectural general with " east company farmer " with Gao Yang the company is rely on, aquaculture of development live pig and Tibetan chicken, Lhasa white chicken breeds base, build a scale of production to breed professional village and major to raise gallinaceous door in the live pig of 2400 above 100; Rely on it is base of vegetable of town fining jade, flowers, development returns seasonal vegetable and terrestrial and vegetable production, build efficient and solar hot house 225, vegetable of enlarge mainland ground produces an area 300 mus; A village of major of area milk cow that develops to join a village to be core with ancient flourish countryside; Rely on ancient flourish countryside to establish zone of high grade highland barley, carry out 8000 mus of highland barley to standardize production; De Qing country develops kind of grass to raise cultivate and short-term fatten.
Industrial garden area with " core business, industrial catenary, industrial group " mode attachs most importance to a dot, mix around dominant industry advocate make a product, the point of growth that strives to amount to the sheep what industry centers area building structural adjustment to cut dot, economy to develop and the window that the city builds. Use the asset that put an amount to make an item. It is carrier with unused land asset, dish vivid land is existing put an amount, implement favourable policy, external wide action travelling merchant; Use characteristic agriculture to make an item. High grade highland barley of play Lhasa city, oil plants produces base advantage, enlarge agricultural standardization, dimensions to turn production, emphasize recommend project of produce deep treatment, finish machining and company of agricultural industrialization bibcock; Use resource advantage to make an item. Make an item with the mineral products resource such as limestone, red clay, shale, expand building materials line of business.
Freight gets together medicinal powder the area relies on Lhasa east large farming trade terminal market and Lhasa goods station, produce effect of radiate of center of memory of farming trade production and terminal market, freight actively, scientific layout, outstanding catch construction of base of good freight storage, make it is a center with Lhasa west station, with green Tibet railroad, blueness hides highway, medium the content of Tibet of pass in and out that highway gives priority to the Buddhist nun sheds a passageway. Wide field, mutiple level the ground develops modern other people to shed line of business. Compose builds inland and hill south, day the area stream of people between area of the criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting, and other places in that music, A and Lhasa, content shedding and iformation flow center, preliminary form the market system with unified and open, strong radiant emitance, better land developed De Qing piling dragon to regard Lhasa as deputy city center external radiation drives action.
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