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Of Hua Jinxia raise goose to become rich road
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In grass of billow of Heilongjiang reclamation area of the 4th operation area western, have 100 mus of right-and-left prairies, there is the big goose of group here, adorning on the sky of just like dark blue a Bai Yun. Billow grass is here the breed aquatics of the 4th operation area base, the host of base is Xiao Longjun, Hua Jinxia's couple.
Previously, xiao Longjun was planted a few mus of ground, raised 34 milk cow, the time passes closely cling to cling to. Glow of wife China gold is an ambitious person, to change the impoverished current situation in the home, 2005 the beginning of the year, she discovers what the 4th operation area has big to put a pasturing area, suit large-scale put in a suitable place to breed big goose, return a married woman's parents' home then, the bedding face of recumbent a married woman's parents' home accumulates housing and heated kang, brooded egg of thousands of goose, arrived June, more than 2000 frisky goose cheeper was pulled with the car by Xiao Longjun the 4th operation area.
The first year when breed big goose, because the space in the home is limited, cause the extruding of big goose, goose seedling is not strong, partial catch cold catch cold, 449 goose cheeper in succession die in one's bed. Grandpa mother-in-law does not understand the ground to say: "Cultivate land raises a cattle how many years, domestic home such, also did not see whose home hungry the dead, raise so much gosling child, having notting making money, predecease so much, not compensate ability is strange! Not compensate ability is strange!!
Hua Jinxia increases amount of labor, makings prepping according to the daughter when is even attentive, but still have gosling often gone, at this moment some of neighbour also delivers unusual view: "Do not get along well, still try to be unique, want to send big money, not death ray ability is strange! " and at this moment at the same time lackey milk cow, at the same time lackey ground, xiao Longjun also hit the man that should help her feed big goose desperately again to retreat a kind of drum used in Chinese operas. Isolate the Hua Jinxia that does not have aid did not know to cry how many times, but she firm still comes to grass labour union, request labour union helps look for an unused prairie. After if wish,the ground gets supportive, she is in instantly of operation area on the west next tent are pitched outside the area, pulled water jar, hurried to gaggle over there. The gosling that favorable environment lets put in a suitable place to breed enhanced disease-resistant ability. At the beginning of November, big goose gives column, hua Jinxia earned more than yuan 20 thousand. Hua Jinxia increases the behavior of income to spread everywhere to the 4th operation area through arduous labor, family begins to support her, labour union also supports more and encourage her, hua Jinxia enlarges the determination that breeds dimensions and courage to increase greatly. 2006, the breed aquatics that she uses grass labor borrows money policy, loan 20 thousand yuan, bred 3500 goose cheeper, net profit more than yuan 30 thousand. 2007, borrow money again 20 thousand yuan, brood oneself goose cheeper 4000.
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