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Forest of Shenyang article glad raises chicken to let fool change golden egg
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Northeast net peacefuls change report was celebrated on October 23 bring country of prefectural gigantic treasure mountain Shen Wenxin of the gigantic farmer that promote a village relies on silvan natural resources, chicken of condition of raise preserve one's health scores a success, registered label of old fool brand, in a price in the supermarket 1 yuan many.

The cloud glad mountain villa that Shen Wenxin establishs, draw near according to hill water, scenery is elegant, enter among them, can feel green woods shade, charactizing a fine spring day more. A villager that will buy an egg says to the author: "Here but unlike now such, shen Wenxin is able person really, one year time just turned these 50 mus of barren mountain in the village into green treasure house. " 2005, investment of Shenyang article glad is built 100 thousand yuan had henhouse and pig house, use barren mountain to be far from village collect, the good environment of free from contamination, raise silvan zoology chicken meticulously. The egg demands exceeds supply in the market, sell for the most part toward peaceful change, iron force and other places.

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Last year, this county holds a party group cooperation achievement and farming special local product is tasted after exhibiting, countryside Party committee, government helped him register " old fool " brand. Countryside cadre help designs the box that pack, go to Harbin contacting treatment, changed come loose before the state that sell, realized essence of life to pack appreciation truly. Now, egg of zoology of forest of old fool card every box 38, in the supermarket every box price amounts to 45 yuan.

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