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1000 plain white goose settle 142 groups
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Recently, by Xinjiang stone river child 142 groups are individual 1000 when breed a Roger to invest 60 thousand yuan to introduce plain Bai E already settle this group, become known goose one be born, roger injected to every goose avian flu is vaccinal, feed through adaptability raise, 1000 plain the environment that Bai E already got used to farm.
This year, the goose of the careless resource feed with the sedimentation basin that 142 groups use form a complete set of department of drip irrigation head and round rich field, duck scores a success, this one practice makes ministry of drip irrigation head gets be usinged effectively not only, also created a condition to improve the life of company worker masses, in " the Mid-autumn Festival " and " the National Day " each company regards welfare as to distribute a worker raised goose and duck, abounded worker masses greatly " food basket " . To raise the development level of pasturage aquaculture further, make full use of ministry of big, drip irrigation head breeds resource of round field aquatic rasorial advantage, much channel improves worker masses to live, increase the income of worker masses, 142 groups were making an on-the-spot investigation farming goose of 27 round become known raises 2 division after base, adopt the means that takes the lead by able person to develop become known goose to breed. Individual breed aquatics after Hu Luojie was researching market of become known goose, bold and contributive 60 thousand yuan introduced goose of 1000 become known to plant from tower city goose, he will use himself many mus of 100 pound approves this plain Bai E is cured, management is thin, the field that it is a group offers seedling of high grade goose to lay next solid foundations.
Plain Bai E is the principle that lab of fowl of Sichuan agriculture college uses breeding of contemporary and rasorial commerce and method, use introduce plant and the good gene library with thoroughbred place, try hard through hardships of more than 10 years, the form a complete set of goose of flesh of weather government office with the genetic steady performance that breeds successfully is, fill home is blank. Of Sichuan white goose be born to be 71.1 grams again first; 60 day age are 2476.5 grams again, average day weightening finish is 40.1 grams; 90 day age are 3518.9 grams again, average day weightening finish is 34.8 grams. Via 3 months ~4 of the month raise, plain white goose weight can achieve 4 kilogram above, plain white goose nutrition rich, flesh is tender delicious. Roger everyday one big early, 1000 plain Tian Li collects the lucerne grass that Bai E drives oneself to eat lucerne green grass, depasture 2 hours everyday, paddle 1 hour. Roger is right breed plain Bai E has hope very much, he says self-confidently: I am planted from 1000 this when tower city introduces goose, the way corp is growing is pretty good still for whole, began to produce an egg Feburary to next year, through hatch, predict to be able to be round field worker to offer 50 thousand ~10 seedling of 10 thousand goose.
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