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Development raises goose to protect prairie modes of life and relation to their
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In recent years, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad large of Ba Yin of precinct of lid of corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region presses down Wendouernuo to wrap a village appoint conference chairman Wang Yongliang relies on to raise goose year income breaks through 100 thousand yuan, protected prairie modes of life and relation to their environment effectively, also raised economic benefits at the same time, development foreground is valued,
Wang Yongliang faces the pressure with increasingly intense field of person much grass, take a development to have the job that raise goose. This year spring, he purchases goose of on 1000 become known to begin to raise from the other place, because manage meticulously, the way corp is growing of each Bai E is satisfactory, fat fat put oneself in another's position is strong, wool shade is bright, provoking love. Today autumn since, his raised become known goose already amounted to more than 1700.
Current, he already sold become known goose to periphery and other place many 1000, income amounts to more than yuan 100 thousand. Wang Yongliang says gladly: Raise goose not only income increased, and returned effectively to protect careless field, protected prairie modes of life and relation to their environment. Drive in Wang Yongliang, of around periphery farming herdsman also develops in succession rose to raise goose employment.