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According to install a county to cultivate industry of the advantage that raise
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Heilongjiang province already had 17 long time according to economy of goose of the development that install a county, from 1997 this county is judged to be " the countryside of Chinese Bai E " hind, big goose breeds flourishing temporarily. But because market price standard is low,confuse, the influence that the enterprise affects ability to wait for an element not by force, in recent years big goose breeds change " cold " , the enthusiasm of the farmer for a time be thwarted. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, this county is increased breed bibcock company strength, introduce Wenzhou of king of countrywide duck tongue at succeeding last year company of Chu Xu food, big goose breeds ability to be able to restore quickly. Of well-known company intervene, changed the past to rely on administration to command " hard apportion " practice. The market value of big last year goose rises 3.8 yuan by original every 500 grams 8 yuan, the price turned over 2.3 times, every only big goose can make farmer net income 30 multivariate. Current, raise goose major villages and towns according to what install a county to already had 400 thousand above 2, the village of the major that raise goose of 10 thousand above 50, raise goose the specialist of 100 above 20 thousand, kind goose base 16, kind goose major collect 88, breed hatch goose cheeper the hatch large family of 1000 above 1000.
The development of goose industry promoted industry of this county agriculture to be adjusted of the structure further, add for the farmer close, enterprise synergism, finance added duty to make positive contribution. According to install a county to make advantage industry to cultivate goose industry truly, still breeding industrial base, lengthen industrial chain, strengthen a technology service, increase give aid to the respect such as strength makes great efforts, guide actively and organize a farmer to establish professional association, sufficient play cadre is the first, the model is driven and the project has been chosen door, good door option purpose sets an example drive action, promotion raises the successful experience of goose large family, increase breed door resist the ability of market risk.
This year, according to install a county to will build big goose to breed demonstrative garden area 10, villages and towns of key of development big goose 10, feed big goose 4 million. Predict 3.7 million to give column big goose, machine big goose 2 million, implementation enterprise achieves duty 5 million yuan, the farmer is added accept the development target that breaks through 100 million yuan.