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Civet introduction
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Civet, (Viverridae) lactation key link. In including, small body feeds fleshy beasts. Bodily form is gangling, face is long and narrow and kiss bazoo is forward and outstanding, there often are spot piece and streak on body human body, many sort provide end link. Around limb each 5 foot, claw is half retractility.

Most clever felid has one perineal gland in perineal ministry, namely sweet gland. Fluctuation jaw is molar it is 2 pairs completely, go up molar rank. Live on the tree more, also have more primitive ground dwell kind group. Undergraduate course is old mainland peculiar division, disappear to be mixed at the Oceania the New World-the Americas.

In our country majority sort distributings to be reached in catchment of the Yangtse River only with south each province, in all 9 is belong to, 11 kinds. Many phyletic flix in civet division are the raw material that makes fur coat and leather cotton-padded mattress, have colour and lustre beauty of bright-coloured, fleck, Mao Rongrou is fine wait for an advantage. The secretion of sweet gland says civet is sweet, for one of important animal flavor, and have function of similar musky medicine. Most sort with rat kind for staple food, kill to rat of prevention and cure have certain effect; A few phyletic happy event that tree dwell gives priority to eat a fruit, endanger somewhat to the orchard.

Civet divides small civet and big civet, belong to the lactation steel, eye that eat the meat, clever felid.

The animal of division of whole world civet has a lot of planting, distributing be in our country 9 belong to 11 kinds, among them only big, small civet has officinal value. Small civet nickname is 7 racoon dog, popular cat of foot of civet of racoon dog, spot, black, racoon dog of zibet of big civet alias, muskiness, green hair on the neck of a pig, racoon dog sending make water.

Civet of excretive of small civet place is sweet, have rare flavor already, it is precious medicinal material, have very high economy value.

Civet division

Civet division (Viverridae) is born now kind discover only at Africa and ancient north group south half. This is one kind small to animal of medium-sized the eye that eat the meat. Skull configuration and tooth and canine division are more adjacent, but go up carnassial tooth former tip is older, and have relatively of development before add a needle. Fur much fleck and gland system growth also are the feature of this kind of animal. The earliest civet discovers go up at Europe only then new interconnected system. Begin from late the Oligocene Epoch, already divided two into civet and □ .

In point to true animal or having placental subclass, with preying warm blood gives priority to animal of the eye that eat the meat, include life Yu Shuizhong and two kinds of big onshore mammal. To the leaf after on one century people already understood carnivore quite. Its configuration feature basically is to have by the 4th premolar and the first molar composition a pair of carnassial tooth that have cut effect, canine is bulky, ji of shape of the arrow on skull is topping, nie nest and mandible coronal shape dash forward big, in order to accommodate strong Nie flesh, have bone ear bubble, mandible is articulatory dash forward the position is small, limb is agile, feet, flinch bone departs, carpal in boat shape bone, month bone and head shape bone often cicatrization, 4 or 5 foot, extreme has acute claw. On inflict classify main basis skull radical ministry, especially the construction near ear area.
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