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Thoroughbred ass breeds brief introduction
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Raising an ass is the traditional project of our country. The ass is our country production of agriculture of a few places is at present medium indispensable animal power. Its flesh belongs to high protein small adipose kind, element has flesh of " sky dragon, ' of subterranean ass flesh says. Asinine skin still boils the important raw material of officinal donkey-hide gelatin in making. The ass is grass feeds domestic animal, wide, adaptability raises feeding habits by force, easily, can abandon raise already, can depasture again raise. Straw of all sorts of weed, leaf, crop and chaff kind all be the good feed that raises an ass. It already comfortable at the innumberable families individual raise or raise in a small way, can mix with other cattle again group raise.

1. This breed ass basically originates in ass of the central Shaanxi plain region of river of short for Weihe River of Campagna of Shaanxi province the central Shaanxi plain each county, among them Xian Yang, smooth close, and other places of spring of military accomplishment, male county, ceremony produces a division for the center. Frame of this kind of ass is tall, the constitution is hale, body is in high 1.3 meters of above, 290 kilogram of 250 ~ control weight. Its hoof is small and solid, disease-resistant force is powerful, genetic performance is good, abiding force is powerful. Its hair color is given priority to with black, but eye socket, nose, mouth reachs next abdomens to show white or hoar more, reason has " of " pink bazoo, bright look, white belly, say. This is the main feature of ass of the central Shaanxi plain. Ass of the central Shaanxi plain is the main delegate in breed of our country outstanding ass, also be one of asses of world good people. They all sorts of penal servitude in burden agriculture is produced and can living already, but pure numerous or as thoroughbred cross earth of improved each district is planted ass, it is the first selection breed that regards fleshy ass as fatten.

2. Heart city ass basically originates in area of Campagna of Shandong heart city, Hui Min and Heibei province south, among them heart city and Bohai Sea are coastal each county produces a division for the center, reason " of ass of renown " Bohai Sea. Heart city ass also is bodily form a bigger thoroughbred, its body is in high 1.3 meters of above, 260 kilogram control weight. Hair color with black (black head) give priority to with powdery black, producing area farmer likes to choose and breed black head ass. This kind of ass is comfortable at all sorts of farm exercise is reached pull a cart, carry carry on the back, pull grind etc, battle uses property good, have better genetic performance. Can introduce as thoroughbred ass, undertake to each district ass cross reforms, also can undertake pure numerous, with its the offspring of cross undertakes fatten. Heart city ass also is our country's famous admirable breed.

3. This breed basically originates in beautiful rice ass the beautiful county of area of Shaanxi Yu forest land, rice fat county and other places of He Suide county, make peaceful again so rice ass. This kind of ass is to be in a when climate condition breeds below harsher environment thoroughbred. Its bodily form medium, bodily form compact, adaptability is strong, compare ass of the central Shaanxi plain slightly except bodily form small outside, its appearance and ass of the central Shaanxi plain are very similar. System is expensive 1.24 ~ 1.27 meters, 250 kilogram control weight, hair color is given priority to with powdery black. This kind of ass is able to bear or endure thick raise, hardily suffering, durable power strong, disposition docile, action is quick. Also but fatten or with fatten of cross of ass of the central Shaanxi plain.
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