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Corn period price rose blandly in September
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Dow Jones reported on September 24, suffer the technology is propped up and crop is anxious to drive continuously, option market of corn of Zhou San CBOT closes blandly tall.

In December corn open quotation 571 cent, nod 572.5 cent high, low 555.5 cent, closing quotation 563 cent, rise 2.75 cent; 9 years in March corn closing quotation 580.5 cent, rise 2.5 cent.

The market continues to track periphery to go now situation, but did not find clear and how-to. Trade business and analyst express, the technology is propped up and crop crop may be less than yield point of view to drive corn period price to go tall. "Corn tries to show oneself a few strong. " market of wheat of Zhou San CBOT falls defeat considerably, the part trades business buys corn to sell a wheaten contract.

The heavy rain that the market worries about to hurricane Ike is brought and fierce wind may affect local crop, because the farmer of specific place plans to harvest soybean first, come so corn crop still may be left in the ground. In addition, the part trades the profit of report of cereal quarter inventory that business predicts next week to beautiful Ministry of Agriculture is about to announce is much.

Nevertheless, also the analyst thinks weather is affected to corn still benefit is empty, weather of near future warmth quickens crop maturity, lack frost menace because of producing a division at the same time, corn crop hopeful realizes beautiful Ministry of Agriculture to anticipate.

Look on technical graph, touch from September 18 after the low inside 524 cent day, corn contract is potential in December already establish is double and bottom, and the explore on hopeful the position with 625 a few higher even cent. But WesternMilling analyst JoelKarlin thinks, corn market still concussion of interval of wide cut of sink 500-600 cent, agreement was handed in in 525-575 cent in December cast particularly likelihood.

Corn follows now electron of of the previous night dish go up potential is high cent opening number, but will appear to the market strong the anticipation that rise is bought because of sequel promote inadequacy and fail to come true. Crude oil is fatigued and weak dozen control corn period price, trade business says, the market will continue to pay close attention to a government to help a plan to money market whether reach consensus.