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Whether can be after autumn of Chinese flix market met cruel add
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One friend of Shandong comes mail " Mr. Zhao hello; The fur brilliant views that did not see you for ages, write a letter to be consulted to you only.
Present prices is valued than last year, the prices that you estimate after the autumn harvest how ah? (blue fox. Snow fox. Racoon dog fur and silver fox, yin La) still have even if what is direction of development of the following fur? Please bright point to, be obliged. Thank! " author him basis replied to the understanding of the industry this mail " hello, rising is normal, if now the raise on or else, fox course of study of China will be harmed.
This year the main area of reduction of output of amount of domestic fur animal falls, of feed price rise make produce cost to achieve a Gao Shuiping, after autumn prices is met still strong. I think meeting expression is the early days after silver fox skin and Pi Zaiqiu of silver-colored blue fox undesirable, city suffers La Hupi price to operate high after, price of skin of silver-colored blue fox can go high, but take into consideration the circumstances is entered, in order to get most golden eggs. The dual impact of silver fox next year in La Hupi and colour fox skin falls to still won't walk out of a shadow.
Present Chinese economy is entering a special period, adornment action of Pi Cao can make main development way. " additional even additional be, present rise in price probable it is to appear subbranch of a bank to be, the custom duty of Russia is reduced this year, great the exports Pi Cao to Russia enthusiasm that inspired China and other Pi Cao to produce a country, divide however the consideration of enterprise benefit.
The sequential likelihood that the product enters Russia market to bring centrally is domestic early days former skin demand is big, the situation of later period lag. If hold water, still can be on whole of price of Chinese fox skin so on a lower price wander. Won't have the possibility that soare.
Because leather prairie skin of China has skinner the existence of this one special estate, vicissitude of the market also rises because of becoming complex for factitious reason, fox skin market of China is deficient in in system and below the action of skinner, very difficult resell gives costly case, in fox quantity of leather breed aquatics abounds with each passing day today, have harder also serve as greatly.
Before a few days, friend Liu Zifeng of Tang Shan makes a telephone call, say to look not to show the condition henceforth, I am told with him, present fox skin cost is very high, if move with present market value the fox skin last year, be very not be to one's profit. Your capital investment devalues.
Be inferior to putting one coarse after autumn to move again a bit, small appreciate the question is not big. Capital times reported the data that national statistic bureau publishs 11 days morning shows on August 12, this year July, producer price of our country industrial product (PPI) rises compared to the same period 10% , achieve since 1996 new tall. This also is PPI goes up reach two digit first. The expert inside course of study thinks, this PPI goes up achieve new tall, not be the expression of economic gross unbalance, also very won't fast consume price index to CPI() conduct.
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