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Today wintry fox skin will begin to anabiosis in the round!
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Fox skin anabiosises in the round
Fox skin falls in long-unseen sunshine this year, those who greeted the market is comprehensive anabiosis, the fox skin dosage of 7 year end appeared the growth momentum of a short line, the reason that sales volume of fox skin dress did not appear to grow considerably is many sided.
It is earnestly of style of fox skin dress needs to improve above all, the great majority that gives through observing discovery sells this year is design novel, easy the fox skin dress that is accepted by consumer, when 6 year end the author is opposite glue east the discovery when dress of area fox skin consumes a circumstance to investigate, because style is old, masses consumes purchasing power to drop greatly, still have even if fox skin is in of Pi Cao dress use on should compare other fur kind a lot of earlier, aesthetic exhaustion is formed already, the breakthrough on design of dress of skin of 8 years of fox can give fox skin market to bring more opportunities.
Additionally La Hupi is protected two this years quite only because of the price this and again and again reduction of output, in feed, below the pressure of capital, breed owner to call the price to return to the condition that he can accept, also be one of motive force that make fox skin price rise.
Cause get warm again after a cold spell of fox skin price the most crucial factor is the raise on marten price forces Pi Cao company must make energy is put in other Pi Cao, will because former skin rises in price,alleviate brought pressure, make design of fox skin dress original thereby change, more fashionable change, achieve the goal that exciting Pi Cao consumes.
In La Hupi, the fur such as Xue Hupi is loose at a heat when, silver fox skin is in however alone the anguish of enduring bubble retire, in La Hupi, xue Hupi is low confused hour, the scenery of market of silver fox skin is like a rising wind and scudding clouds however, two this years most practitioner values as a result it, I had been told early, hype is fictitious, the market is true, begin the author to be written from 7 years civil say silver fox fur is gotten use an amount extremely low, do not want what to be puzzled by Xu Hua.
Attract in foamy however below, still one major person coiled. Fact of reductive Yu Zhen needs bubble time, it is adverse a particular year 8 years to owner of silver fox skin.