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Today the winter wants what approach mink skin value carefully to soare
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Marten just is surrounded by each
Marten price is latter limelight strong, fair marten already rose a piece 280, and return have bullish likelihood, is everybody considering now what rate can mink skin grow this year?
It is the historical limit dot that breaks through 6 the end of the year, still rise and fall errant, make a person adv unimaginably, in view of the economy of Chinese home the effect of macroscopical adjusting control can appear in second half of the year, in mink skin produce there is certain lag sex on season, breaking through the historical limit of 6 the end of the year to nod possibility is existence, of the price going tall is a glad thing to culturist, can produce a business to Pi Cao and character, manufacturing cost raised, market risk increased.
The reopen hair that increases other skin careless sort also is become inevitable, what see even is, corner resides rare appearance is objective existence, pi Cao produced industry hoard for speculation last year the mink skin of one part, there also is the presence of a large number of martens in current domain.
The market is not allowing high content to differ a value to appear below diversity form, soare steep fall the main characteristic that has made market of skin of mink of bound of a year of this many future world, the author dare not forget the miserable condition that skin of mink of world of 7 the beginning of the year steeps fall between one night, when world economy trend becomes blurred with each passing day, everything happens likely.
What approach mink skin value carefully is swift and violent go up raise, the comprehensive get warm again after a cold spell of price of skin of prairie of skin of China of hopeful look upon, price is low injury farming, valence tall bubble is met initiative form, reasonable price is Chinese skin grass healthy progress place must.
Think Chinese skin is careless 8 years from this sex of collaboration of each sort former skin is stronger, this is the auspicious opportunity that the industry heightens ego to innovate to contend for force unexpectedly, hope industry cares about knowledge travel condition and benefit respect to be able to be broken through somewhat. Assure the benign development of careless industry of prospective China skin then! !