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Will count 4 problems that course of study should pay close attention to year of
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One. The popular run that light color fastens
The breed aquatics of Chinese fur animal the amount is in all-time digestive phase is entered after expanding, how average each square interest, prevent needless a run on a bank, get win more, become have the problem with thought fur thoughtful owner. Before the climate with current ceaseless and heated climate, the idea of consumer also is being changed sadly, the price, character still had popular trend to decide several years the industry between will develop pattern henceforth, in the past go already, new one page is representing new thinking way change. For example, be in now glue east the area has 5 to become light color of or so dress in every 100 person that wear marten coat is, white marten dress is the favorite that makes middleaged person, kid more. Still have the field uses in hare skin, skin of hare of light color department applies than skin of brunet department hare more extensive, more pure and fresh. No matter machine an enterprise to still breed door, should recognize this kind of trend, early ready-made.
2. Change pattern of sale of mink skin dress
Mink skin serves as Pi Cao ancestor pay close attention to by common people, the sale mode that can be us however greatly moss-grown, coat of a marten often wants to register very long period of time in big market, also can not sell work off certainly. Such result makes mink skin produces manufacturer to have frustrate feeling not only, also make a batch of skins careless business get into trouble, make breed quantity atrophy then, bring about competition ability to drop further. Accordingly, mode of sale of dress of newer mink skin is imperative. The conduct propaganda that undertakes leather careless culture through the kind that network, brand shop sells continuously and gain ground, make more people can feel Pi Cao's beauty and warmth more in warm winter, make Chinese skin careless industry walks out of awkward current situation, will make benefit gets rising through interacting, bilateral complementary sex gets changing, of the brand model also will be finished further and perfect, manufacturing chain is more healthy change, it is better that the process ability that the brand influences gets reflect.
3. Policy economy wants to pay close attention to
It is insufficient that price change cares fur animal to breed an amount only, joining a the most important even is policy economy. 7 years drawback decreases, fox, marten prohibits exporting policy come on stage, there are the pattern of Chinese fur industry and development on the oldest rate, this also makes the trend of fur price studies towards broader economy direction draws close, the irregular change of world economy will be further to the influence of Chinese fur price thorough. Chinese fur line of business is deep already in systemic circulation of economy of world of be involved in, if incorrect world economy pays close attention to investigator of fur line of business, its direction and consequence will be in a complete mess. Overall for, chinese fur breeds reach a peak through expanding quickly from trade number, the evolution henceforth will present atrophic position, its participate in the skill of the market to will get rising, rely on a day to have a meal, devoted capital is mixed less the blind follower that does not have a thought will exit Chinese fur industry stage by stage, the functional sex of skinner also gets the keep within limits of the oldest rate, the chance that gets sudden huge profits is becoming very little. Business management of leather grass treatment is bad person will do very hard. The investment that Chinese skin careless industry studies to information will be increased, pi Cao market is large change incline to to be weakened further, small-sized market fastens density to get strengthen and consolidating to machining the couplet of enterprise and even culturist, chinese skin grass enters a brand-new development airspace.
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