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Market of Shang Cun flix: Seasonal flix appears on the market quantity great val
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Skin of season of Shang Cun market appears on the market now the amount is larger, trade slower, the price is strong.
Skin of racoon dog fur issues basic stability to come down in the circumstance that the price falls to be controlled 20 yuan (the state of mind that this center reminds middleman to want to keep gentle, hold to the price of skin of racoon dog fur, do not let skin of racoon dog fur glide again, want compensate to go otherwise partial cash) . Current, skin of racoon dog fur of 95-100cm control in 180 yuan, the sale is logy, and the sale that price of quality within an inch of controls in 120 yuan is stable.
Skin of season of blue, arctic fox is inside this paragraph of time, the price also fell 20 yuan or so, but inside trade draw a design just begins, light microstrip used skin of blue, arctic fox, the sale sees enlarge slightly, the price is stabilized basically, road of a brief informal note is controlled 400 yuan, collar road is controlled 270 yuan. In arctic fox respect the price should compare La Hujia to be controlled 20 yuan high, trade faster than La Hushao.
Trade active marten, because appear on the market the quantity is little, appear trade unusual, the price is stable. Especially white marten is in auction the news with benefit rises good on the meeting to fall firm in have litre, fair skin price is controlled in 340 yuan, mother skin price is controlled in 210 yuan.
Fox of seasonal silver fox, blue frost suffers the concussion of hormone skin, the sale puts delay somewhat, but silver fox skin still maintains higher-priced level; Price of skin of blue frost fox glides gradually, seasonal skin price is controlled in 280 yuan.
Otter hare skin trades now insipid, the price is controlled in 30 yuan, still do not have season extraction a skin, the hope breeds a patience to await.
Hormone skin appears on the market the quantity is Alexandrine one trades day is almost same, the price is fluctuant not quite, trade not quite apparent. This center reminds breed door, become cold as weather, of hormone skin quality rise, will greet the climax that hormone skin sells, but the price cannot decide fluctuate (Zhang Guochang) .
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