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Analysis: Motivation of bullish of price of racoon dog skin comes from what resp
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This period Chinese fur forecasts title of net fur PK and controversy content is: "Where do you think motivation of bullish of racoon dog skin comes from?
Of price of racoon dog skin go low to have new last year the reason of a mount a horse of eye of bing4 ru4 gao1huang1, also have the apply colours to a drawing of the sudden huge profits last year. The dosage of racoon dog skin this year is more than was last year, likelihood the whirlwind raise that the reason is prices, racoon dog skin is peremptory became a poor to feel one of Pi Cao way in 7 years. A lot of have a friend to send mail to say to me, unity is strength controls authority leather determination is clinking sturdy. Worried about one word to become me to experience friends the mass-tone attune of mail content, perhaps be everybody thinks at present of crop of racoon dog skin decrease make oneself opportunity got addition. Brash between thought only some sucher. Ask what you say racoon dog skin 8 years to go situation. Be tall? Or... "
The netizen of intense debate thinks 86 times to be able to go up among them in all plan 53, identify feasible affection to will last low confused having 33 people! Netizen north breeds think: Go up to want to go up for certain, because this is market rule, breed a hand now in without how many kinds of racoon dog, the dimensions that wants to develop formation of image 7 years again, without 2-3 year time is impossible then, during I think to be in this, racoon dog skin must go up, ! But go up to more or less know without the person! A racoon dog farming is pessimistic think to rise not easily his reason is: "What keep a skin now is too much, many middleman also are being put, but their money is know exactly about sth. Crop of racoon dog skin is too big, new skin market of 8 years is not digested, what is more,the rather that previously? Said again, can save (ripe refrigeratory) leather measures is met decrescent, board pledge each respect compares new skin second. Everybody calculates, the new skin price after calculating 1 year is achieved 300, how much can your dried tangerine or orange peel sell? Save undeserved racoon dog skin to burn material namely. The great majority that retains a skin now does not have experience, the price of dried tangerine or orange peel of 2 years of above is low cannot envisage. When only leather was thrown, racoon dog skin just can look up! Racoon dog skin just can look up!!
Shandong saves what breed a reason to say: "See authority so eagerly speech, but did not see have that friend with rational of professional market point of view occupy will analyse the market, such going down we breed a morning and evening to want to be eaten off by middleman! ! ! The best method of avoid risk is not to build in hope next year how may can next year how, should study market rule to reach however should drive up to middleman the countermeasure that makes case of demand a low price! Master the first-hand information of the market! Accomplish close put freely profit the biggest change, the loss is the smallest change. " a few think of a way that this friend of Shandong spoke the author and view, be production of Chinese skin careless economy what caused Chinese skin careless economy without foreword is queasy! Of mechanism of neither one safeguard build and perfect! Mode of Chinese skin careless economy is in a state of disunity forever! The safest in activity of economy of racoon dog skin is the stability of the price! Come a few this years the billows of market of racoon dog skin is in one step by step contractible! Before place some year the author puts forward to pass market baptismal market of racoon dog skin its gain shows degressive pattern! It is advantageous that bubble of market of crowded skin giving racoon dog develops to Chinese skin grass, answering measure maturely will be industry of skin of Chinese racoon dog next the job!
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