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The outlet of market of Shang Cun fur below financial storm is in He Fang
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Be in at present financial situation current situation, breed door care financial storm to whether be met to the development strike of fur line of business most with middleman influential. Storm of finance of current United States grows in intensity, although have capital infuse, but still change the stock market to glide hard, consumptive index falls, the phenomenon of unemployment rate heighten, our country will be held in day 3 in plenary meeting, right at present financial storm of the United States makes relevant strategy and resolution. As to whether to cause an effect to fur line of business, even does not have exact evidence, the price keeps stable temporarily.
Now on Shang Cun market, seasonal skin and hormone skin appear on the market the quantity trades more than one times day of level, the price is Alexandrine one trades sunset has how old change, among them hormone skin appears on the market whether does the grow in quantity of the quantity form an influence to be in this trading to noon to had been not shown to seasonal skin, but the appearance that does not eliminate seasonal henceforth skin to give now to slip. In the market hormone skin appears on the market the amount is maximum is La Shuang fox, its price still maintains last trading the price level of day, trade the quantity is not very ideal, the skin still maintains the silver fox season that is in higher-priced previously trade level, but on the low side of hormone skin price, appear on the market as hormone skin the grow in quantity of the quantity, silver fox skin does not eliminate to have the tendency that the price glides. In the market of La Hupi appear on the market the quantity had exceeded all this year trading day, its this day trades appeared to put delay, the price glides somewhat, but the fur of La Huji section that breeds a collect to put is less and less, hormone skin is about to take a skin to time this year, be in the case with not at present clear situation to fall, blue fox is seasonal leather general with firm in falling posture develops, at the same time arctic fox also does not eliminate to have similar development case. As to prices low the concussion that confused racoon dog fur suffers hormone skin, the fur price of inferior quality continues fall after a rise, but the price of high quality is stabilized basically. Appear on the market the quantity slants the incoming price that little marten takes a skin as season appears the phenomenon of fall after a rise. Otter hare skin is stabilized basically in the price in trading.
Look integratedly now Shang Cun market, seasonal skin can be appeared on the market by hormone skin the concussion that estimates increase, the price can appear to change accordingly, hope middleman and breed door mention attention (Zhang Guochang) .