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Does aquaculture of Chinese flix animal enter low ebb?
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One, PPI production index rises
The beginning of the year up to now, in the country successive policy intervention leaves relevant department, countrywide CPI goes situation after appearing to rise first, fall go situation. But from last year July up to now, PPI goes tall all the way however, by 2.4% go up to 8.2% current. Hair change appoint official of relevant department bureau shows, what CPI mirrors is the change of dweller consumption domain, and the change that PPI is side of manufacturing data supply. Increase as pressure ceaselessly, no matter unobstructed, producing data price to be conducted downward is the problem of time only. Began each dress price of big market to present a remarkable ascendant trend from last year, this also included Pi Cao garment to act the role of among them. Because corner of amount of leather prairie skin crosses big reason, the price of skin of Chinese skin prairie returns neither one to rise apparently to now. However former skin price is rejuvenescent counteractive bring the market possibly also to be opposite of consumption of Pi Cao product decrease. This brings an upper limit to former skin price again necessarily. It is quite difficult that anyhow wants to obtain a balance to nod. National hair changes appoint announce, since June 20 price of benzine, derv every tons raise 1000 yuan, aviation kerosene price rises 1500 yuan every tons, economy of national information center forecasts ministry researcher Zhang Yongjun to be corrected accordingly calculate, this case of oily, electrovalency is adjusted will drive monthly dweller to consume price index (CPI) annulus comparing rises 0.4 percent left and right sides, indirect effect depends on its diffuse reaction. National hair changes appoint express, move the influence that valence lives to masses to decrease, control the chain-reacting that move price, move the pay that value raises to oil of this finished product, take step of the following and integrated form a complete set: To planting grain farmer, fishery (contain deep-sea fishing) , forestry executes finance allowance. Fox, the fur animal such as mink is carnivore, in its feed matchs in comparing, should add must fish. Come from June 15 on September 1, each district will be entered littoral cease fishing period. But on June 11, be apart from cease fishing period still has 4 days, shandong saves power sea fishing port inside with respect to berth full fisher. Suffer go to sea time going there and back longer, derv rises in price reach resource of coastal waters fishery to decrease wait for an element to affect, partial fisherman chooses to receive a net to to disembark ahead of schedule. Lie mostly first half of the year according to some piscatorial introductions protect this mixing to accompany cash position, oil price rises one ton now 1000 yuan of RMBs, so big go up a piscine price going up is not actual, the whirlwind raise of piscine price can increase the manufacturing cost of fur animal. Before some year I had discussed this issue, skin of Chinese skin prairie is met in the future is the product of a kind of high investment. Chinese skin careless product mostly with price get victory, raw material cost raises nowadays can accelerate home the road that careless enterprise of one part skin is on a brand.
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