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The feed technology of recipe and modulation flesh dog
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The flesh is with the nutrient standard of canine feed: Protein 17% ~ 25% , adipose 3% ~ 7% , fiber 3% ~ 4.5% , carbohydrate 44% ~ 49.5% , calcic 1.5% ~ 1.8% , phosphor 1.1% ~ 1.2% , and the copper of minim, chloric, Potassium, magnesian, manganese, cobaltic, zinc, iodic, vitamin. Show the recipe of a few kinds of feed fleshy dog and modulation method introduction to be as follows:

One, feed recipe

1. breast dog. Animal flesh or splanchnic 500g, wring the egg is added after breaking 3, corn flour 300g, green vegetables kind 500g, grow element is right amount, join a few concentrated bone broth, add gradually feed right amount gruel, add hello a few bone dust and fish meal. Gruel and broth begin to be 20 ~ 50ml, increase 200 ~ 500ml gradually.

2. breaks lacteal young dog. Corn 21% , broken rice 15% , branny cake 15% , flour 5% , soya-bean cake 14% , wheat bran 15% , food cake 5% , fish meal 6% , bone dust 5% , grow element and salt each 0.5% , dog of the young that break breast had better be fed with broth raise, namely every dog boils broth with 5g pork everyday, the raise that connect the flesh is fed, feed 3 times everyday, nightly add feed 1 times, offer sufficient water.

3. young dog. Raise feeds 35 day hind, young dog turns to raise level after fair dog is emasculated, the recipe is: Corn 30% , broken rice 20% , branny cake 20% , soya-bean cake 10% , wheat bran 10% , food cake 5% , bone dust 4% , grow element and salt each 0.5% . Grow as a result of young dog very fast, still should add the mineral feed that feeds certain amount, feed 3 times everyday, mix with Wen Shui makings.

4. fatten dog. Raise feeds 70 day hind to turn into grown fatten to raise level. The feed recipe of this period: Corn 27% , broken rice 27% , branny cake 20% , soya-bean cake 10% , wheat bran 10% , food cake 5% , fish meal 5% , bone dust 2% , grow element and salt each 0.5% . Fatten period content of energy of formula feed requirement is higher, add conditionally feed adipose sex feed.

2, feed modulation

The purpose of feed modulation is the dainty sex that improves feed, maintain or increase its nutrition value, feed modulation asks always is: Tell sanitation, protect nutrient, easy digest, not wasteful.

Although canine feeding habits is miscellaneous, but cannot digest unripe starch directly, the congee that pappy shape should boil before raise of reason dog feed is fed is burnt. Add man-hour to should notice the following:

1. cook cannot rawish or burn paste, the dainty sex that can affect feed otherwise and dog are absorbed to the assimilation of feed.

2. makes the pork kind cost of protein little damage holds when feed, wash the flesh to want to use cold water, immerse time shoulds not be too long, the time length of boil is with fleshy ripe sterilization degree, do not boil hamly. Broth wants and amylaceous a raise feeds kind of feed.

3. broomcorn, corn, soya bean, after can expanding with leach bubble first, enter together with water again thoroughly cook inside boiler, with assuring nutrient make full use of.
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